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Exposure to airborne hazards via military burn pits overseas has left Veterans across New Jersey suffering from respiratory problems, skin lesions, and cancers, among other serious medical issues. You’re eligible for disability compensation and other benefits, such as health care services, through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). To secure the full benefits available to you, the guidance of experienced New Jersey military burn pit exposure lawyers is invaluable. 

At Team Law, we’re familiar with the intricacies of VA disability claims and the impact recent legislative changes have had on injured Veterans’ rights to benefits. We have decades of experience assisting Veterans with getting the disability benefits they deserve, and we’re prepared for the meticulous work of documenting the full extent of your disability due to burn pit exposure. 

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Veterans’ Rights to Benefits for Military Burn Pit Exposure Injuries

Disabled Veterans have a long-established right to disability compensation for injuries connected with their military service, but these benefits didn’t always extend to the full range of injuries arising out of exposure to airborne toxins through proximity to the open-air incinerators known as burn pits. 

The Sergeant First Class (SFC) Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, more widely known as the PACT Act, was signed into law in August 2022. Through provisions like the following, the VA reported, the PACT Act made it possible for more Veterans to receive benefits for injuries arising out of military burn pit exposure: 

Medical issues listed as presumptive conditions can be assumed to have resulted from toxic exposure in Veterans who were in close proximity to military burn pits. This makes the claims process easier for these injured Veterans, as they don’t have to prove the link between their exposure and a medical issue that constitutes a presumptive condition. 

Injuries and Illnesses Associated With Burn Pit Exposure

According to the VA, the numerous types of injuries and illnesses now considered presumptive conditions include the following: 

Cancers From Exposure to Military Burn Pits

More than 20 types of cancer are now recognized as presumptive conditions for burn pit exposure claims: 

Non-Cancer Presumptive Conditions for Burn Pit Exposure

In addition to the numerous forms of cancer linked to toxic exposure, presumptive conditions for burn pit exposure include chronic lung diseases, inflammatory diseases, and other illnesses: 

Each of these conditions has the potential to seriously affect your life, including your ability to work and provide for yourself and your family. Our New Jersey military burn pit exposure lawyers are dedicated to securing Veterans harmed by airborne toxins the full benefits they’re entitled to. 

How Team Law Can Help 

When you’re dealing with a debilitating illness, the last thing you need is more stress. Trying to navigate the claims process yourself can make seeking disability benefits a time-consuming, challenging ordeal. What if you had professional guidance and claims-handling services? 

Team Law’s New Jersey military burn pit exposure lawyers can take over this hassle for you and document the full extent of your disability through our thorough gathering of evidence. We will handle the entire process and advocate tirelessly for maximum benefits for you. 

Why Choose Team Law as Your New Jersey Military Burn Pit Exposure Lawyers?

Team Law’s military burn pit attorneys in Clark, NJ, bring to your case our:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Burn Pit Exposure Claims in New Jersey

What makes military burn pits dangerous? 

Military burn pits were used to dispose of a wide array of materials, including human waste, medical waste, chemicals, tires, plastics, metal, and more. Unfortunately, burning such materials pollutes the air with toxic chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins, and furans. Because burn pits are open, the chemicals released by burning waste in them could expose service members in the immediate area and even those who lived or worked nearby to significant health risks, including the risk of many different types of cancer and respiratory diseases. 

Am I eligible for disability benefits due to burn pit exposure injuries?

Under current law, Veterans can generally qualify for VA disability benefits for burn pit exposure if they meet the following conditions: 

-Service and discharge requirements
-Diagnosis of a presumptive condition for burn pit exposure injuries
-The extent of disability due to such injury 

To review your eligibility and begin putting together a strong claim for maximum compensation, count on Team Law’s military burn pit attorneys in Clark, NJ. 

How much do Veterans get for burn pit exposure? 

Under the VA, disability benefits are awarded based on your disability rating, which establishes the extent to which your injuries have caused you to be disabled. The number and type of dependents you are responsible for supporting can also affect your eligibility for benefits. 
The VA doesn’t award a specific disability rating for burn pit exposure injuries but rather considers the severity of your specific injuries. If assigned the least severe disability rating, 10%, your monthly payment (based on data effective December 2023) would amount to $171.23. With the most severe 100% disability rating, a disabled Veteran with a spouse, one child, and two parents to support could receive $4,433.39, plus additional compensation for additional dependent children. 
Getting maximum benefits requires you to provide compelling evidence of the extent of your disability. 

Do I need a lawyer for a VA disability claim for burn pit exposure injuries? 

While not required to undertake the claims process, experienced New Jersey military burn pit exposure lawyers can add considerable value to your claim. Team Law’s military burn pit attorneys in Clark, NJ, can assist you by meticulously documenting your injuries to ensure the disability rating you receive reflects the true severity of your condition. 
By managing the claim for you, we also make the process of securing the benefits you deserve less stressful, allowing you to focus on your health rather than filling out paperwork and compiling medical records. 

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