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Disabled Veterans have already given so much in the service of their country and the protection of others, yet the programs and insurers responsible for paying them benefits often let them down. At Team Law, our New Jersey private plan long term disability insurance denial lawyers fight unfair claim denials, serving those who served. 

We’re prepared to assist you with a full range of Veterans’ disability claims, sort out the complexities involved in these cases, and overcome challenges that keep you from receiving the disability benefits you’re entitled to. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Veterans’ Private Plan Disability Claim Denials in New Jersey 

Private plan insurers deny Veterans’ claims for long-term disability benefits all too often, leaving their families without the compensation they were counting on. Our long term disability attorneys in Clark, NJ, can help disabled Veterans explore all avenues for compensation, appeal claim denials, and receive the full amount of benefits available to them. 

Private Disability Plans for NJ Veterans

Depending on their specific circumstances, Veterans may be entitled to disability benefits from multiple programs and insurance policies. These may include: 

While our attorneys can assist disabled Veterans with all kinds of benefit claims, those against private plan insurers can be among the most complex. 

A number of insurance companies offer private long-term disability plans individuals can purchase on their own. These plans can be appealing options for bridging the gap between your regular income and the benefits you could potentially receive through the VA or the SSA in the event of an injury that leaves you disabled. Given the occupational hazards involved in military service, many service members find that such a plan provides them with peace of mind. 

A Veteran who is able to work in some capacity or whose disability doesn’t manifest until after their service has ended may also run into issues with private plan claim denials. For example, if you were exposed to toxins during your military career, such as through burn pit exposure, you might have already established a civilian career by the time a related cancer diagnosis is made. The insurer behind a private disability plan you purchased individually or enrolled in through your employer may seek to deny your claim or reduce your benefits, either due to policy exclusions of war activities or your eligibility for VA benefits. 

Why do insurance companies deny Veterans’ private plan disability claims? 

Insurance companies may deny Veterans long-term disability insurance benefits on a number of different bases, including: 

Whatever the reason given by the insurer, a claim denial can be a major setback when you’re disabled and trying to provide for your family. Our New Jersey private plan long term disability insurance denial lawyers are prepared to evaluate your disability claim at no cost and help you explore all options available to you. 

How Team Law Can Help When Your Claim Has Been Denied

A claim denial or a notice that the insurance company is reducing your payments because of eligibility for other types of disability benefits may seem like a final decision. Claimants often feel helpless to move forward with getting the compensation they believe they’re entitled to, concerned that they can’t change the insurer’s mind. 

Insurance companies know there’s a strong likelihood of claimants giving up upon receiving an initial claim denial, allowing the insurer to keep the money that the claimant is entitled to. This occurs even in instances in which further documentation could establish that the claim is completely valid. If you don’t at least attempt to challenge the denial, you will lose out on the benefits that you paid for, potentially over the course of years. 

Team Law assists clients with all types of benefit claim denials. Our approach to each benefit claim denial case entails the following: 

In many cases, we are able to get claim denials overturned by providing extensive documentation in support of your claim. We can also help you explore whether any other avenues exist for accessing the benefits and compensation you are entitled to. 

Why Choose Team Law 

Team Law has a long history of assisting disabled Veterans and other injured claimants in challenging matters, including claim denials. Here’s what our attorneys bring to your claim: 

Decades of Experience

For more than 60 years, Team Law has provided a comprehensive range of legal services to clients throughout NJ. 

Commitment to Getting Clients Full Benefits 

A claim denial may not mean it’s time to give up. Instead, it might mean it’s time to reflect, strategize, and take a closer look at your policy, your claim, and your documentation. Our team routinely assists clients whose claims have been denied. With the right approach, documentation, and legal knowledge, it may be possible to get a claim denial overturned or an unfavorable decision reversed. 

A Free Initial Consultation to Explore Your Options 

Claim denials aren’t just frustrating. They put your financial future at risk. Team Law offers a free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose by speaking to experienced New Jersey private plan long term disability insurance denial lawyers. This no-obligation case review allows you to approach your claim with confidence. 

Contact Team Law’s New Jersey Private Plan Long Term Disability Insurance Denial Lawyers Today for a Free Case Review

Unfair claim denials should never be allowed to stand, but this conduct is even more egregious when it pertains to the claims of disabled Veterans. Let us fight to protect your legal rights and financial future. 

For help from long term disability attorneys in Clark, NJ, contact Team Law online or call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Plan Long Term Disability Insurance Denials in New Jersey

What should disabled Veterans do if their private plan insurer denies their claim or reduces their disability benefits? 

Insurance companies often deny claims, sometimes unfairly. Many claimants don’t realize they have the option to get an attorney’s insight on their case at no cost and, if applicable, to appeal the decision and go on to collect the benefits they are entitled to. Don’t simply accept a claim denial that you think is unfair or inappropriate without consulting an attorney to learn more about your legal rights.
If you receive notice that your private insurer is denying your claim or reducing the benefits available to you under your policy because of VA disability or SSDI payments, you should consult experienced long term disability attorneys in Clark, NJ. Our attorneys can help you understand the specifics of your policy, the insurance company’s obligations under established regulations and case law, and whether you have legal recourse. 
It costs nothing to speak to Team Law’s attorneys about your claim denial and find out what options may be available and whether we’re able to help in your unique situation. 

What kind of disability benefits are available to disabled Veterans?

Depending on the situation, including the cause and extent of the disability and any insurance coverage available, Veterans may be entitled to different types of benefits to compensate them for partial or total losses of income due to injuries or illnesses that affect their ability to work. These benefits may include: 

-VA disability benefits based on your disability rating and dependents if your injury is connected to your service 
-SSDI benefits if your disability is deemed to impair your ability to work at the level of substantial gainful activity
-Benefits from a private long term disability plan, either purchased individually or as part of a group plan by an employer (the government, for active-duty military service members, or a civilian employer for Veterans who have since left the service) 

Consulting knowledgeable New Jersey private plan long term disability insurance denial lawyers like Team Law can help you review the benefits you may be entitled to under all applicable programs and insurance plans and prepare for any likely obstacles. 

Do VA benefits affect long-term disability?

Nationally, conflicting case law exists regarding how other types of benefits, including VA disability payments, may affect a disabled Veteran’s long term disability benefits from a private plan. What happens in individual cases often depends on the exact language of the policy, the types of benefits in question, and the established case law that most closely aligns with your situation. The New Jersey private plan long term disability insurance denial lawyers are both skilled negotiators and experienced trial lawyers, so we have the knowledge to thoroughly evaluate the details of your situation and explore all avenues for recovering maximum benefits for you. 

Do I need a lawyer for a disability claim denial? 

You aren’t required to have a lawyer represent you in a claim for disability benefits. However, don’t underestimate the claims process. You should fully understand that the insurance company is not on your side and that getting these benefits you have paid for requires you to undertake a formal claims process and provide extensive documentation of your disability. 
In the event that the insurance company denies your claim or other complications arise, hiring knowledgeable long term disability attorneys in Clark, NJ, offers you the best chance of confronting these challenges successfully. Your attorney can identify any deficiencies in your claim and the documentation that can be used to correct them. You can count on your lawyer’s knowledge of legal obligations and established case law to help you ensure the insurance company is upholding its duties.

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