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Despite the protections labor unions offer, injured union workers in New Jersey often face an uphill battle to secure the benefits they’re entitled to. Our role as New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers for union workers is to intervene in these matters and work to secure full compensation for you. 

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Fighting for Union Workers in New Jersey

New Jersey has a long history as a strong union state. Team Law’s union worker injury attorneys in Clark, NJ, are proud to assist union workers in securing the full benefits they’re entitled to in the event of a work injury. The union workers we represent include: 

Our commitment to injured union workers is to always pursue the maximum benefits available. 

Union Workers’ Rights Following a Work Injury 

If you’re injured in the course of your employment as a New Jersey worker, you’re eligible for benefits of some kind in most circumstances.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Under the state’s workers’ compensation system, employers are generally required to provide workers’ comp insurance benefits. These benefits include coverage of your medical expenses related to your injury, compensation for wage loss due to disability, and death benefits in the event of fatal injuries. 

In New Jersey, temporary disability benefits amount to 70% of the worker’s average weekly wage but are subject to minimum and maximum payment rates. Permanent disability benefits are also available to workers whose injuries have been documented as permanently interfering with their ability to work. 

Private Disability Insurance Plans

You might also purchase private disability plans either individually or through your employer from insurance companies such as UNUM, Lincoln Financial, SumLife, and Metlife. 

Unlike workers’ comp insurance, private disability insurance plans apply in the context of injuries that aren’t work-related as well as, potentially, those that are. Disability insurance generally doesn’t cover medical expenses but rather pays out compensation to injured workers for their lost wages while unable to work. 

Depending on the policy, these benefits may be short-term or long-term. They may have an elimination period, or a waiting period, during which the individual must be disabled before the policies kick in, as well as a benefit period that specifies for how long the injured individual can collect compensation.

Getting the Benefits You’re Entitled To

Being eligible for benefits and actually receiving the full amount of compensation you deserve as an injured worker are two different matters. The claims process is often complicated, but seasoned New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers for union workers can help you find your way and recover the maximum benefits available to you. 

Union Workers Denied Insurance Coverage

Even when proceedings go relatively smoothly, the claims process can be a hassle. Filing the paperwork, keeping on top of the deadlines, and putting in the time and effort to document everything can add to your stress when you’re trying to recover from your injuries. Among the most frustrating issues for injured workers is dealing with disputes and claims denials, which happen relatively often in matters involving work injuries. 

Insurers—both workers’ comp and private disability—may deny claims for a variety of reasons. Having experienced union worker injury attorneys in Clark, NJ, on your side can help you sort out any claim disputes, appeal claim denials, and potentially even avoid these challenges in the first place through extensive documentation and careful management of your case. 

Common reasons for claim denials include: 

A dispute or claim denial may seem like a big setback, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your claim. Team Law’s New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers for union workers have a long history of successfully handling complicated claims and overcoming obstacles. We’ll review your case at no charge and identify any courses of action through which we can help you get your claim back on track and receive the benefits you deserve. 

Claim Deadlines and What to Do If You Miss Them 

One reason you should consult our union worker injury attorneys in Clark, NJ, as early as possible is to ensure you don’t miss crucial deadlines. There are numerous deadlines that may apply to your claim. 

Deadlines to Notify Employer Under State Law 

It’s always best to notify your employer of a work injury right away, preferably within 14 days of the injury occurring. Under state law in New Jersey, while workers have up to 90 days to formally notify their employer of a work injury, they should do so within the first 30 days, at least, to ensure they remain eligible for full benefits. NJ workers have considerably less time to report an accident compared to some states, which give reporting windows as long as 180 days, but more than other states, some of which allow a week or less to report the accident. 

Deadlines to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in NJ

Under the state workers’ compensation system, injured workers have two years to formally file a claim for compensation. There are exceptions that may affect the time union workers have to file a claim. For example, union workers in the maritime industry may be limited to one year to file a claim if they are covered under the federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act or the Defense Base Act.

Injury Reporting Windows Under Union Collective Bargaining Agreements

Your union may have its own requirements and reporting windows under its collective bargaining agreements. These requirements may reduce the time you have to report the injury or file your claim. This possibility makes it particularly important that you consult knowledgeable New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers for union workers early on to understand your rights and obligations. 

How Team Law Can Help If You Missed a Deadline

If you believe you may have missed a deadline, it’s important to seek legal advice right away to determine whether your right to benefits can still be salvaged. 

Your attorney can: 

We will draw on our professional experience navigating complicated work injury claims to help you understand what options may be available to you. Since the consultation is completely free, you have nothing to lose by finding out your options. 

Why Choose Team Law as Your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers For Union Workers

Choosing the right New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers for union workers is a big decision. Here’s why Team Law is well-suited to handle your work injury claim. 

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As a union worker, you know that there’s strength in numbers and power in collaboration. Rather than taking on the claims process alone, you can approach the task of getting the benefits you deserve with the confidence of having our team of work injury lawyers on your side and advocating for your interests. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Union Worker Injury Claims in New Jersey

What should union workers do after an injury on the job? 

In general, the steps union workers should take after a work injury are similar to those non-union workers take. These steps include: 

-Notifying your employer of the injury 
-Documenting the scene of an accident or injury
-Seeking medical care
-Consulting an attorney

One difference to be aware of is that your union may have specific provisions in place regarding job injury reporting. Check your collecting bargaining agreement or ask your union representative about any requirements regarding: 

-Who needs to be notified
-When you must provide notice
-How you should go about providing notice 

Can a union worker sue a negligent employer for injuries?

Generally, employees covered under the workers’ compensation system in New Jersey can’t sue their own employers. That’s true of union workers as well as non-union employees. However, your attorney can advise you on any possible exceptions to this rule and seek full workers’ comp benefits from your employer or their insurance company for your injuries. Additionally, if another party was involved in causing your injuries, we can help you explore any potential third-party claims you may be able to pursue. 

How long do I have to file a claim for work-related injuries in New Jersey? 

Injured workers in New Jersey generally have two years to file claims for workers’ compensation benefits. They also typically have two years to file third-party negligence claims related to a work injury. 
Be aware, however, that some exceptions can affect your time to file a claim. For example, although you have two years to file a claim, you should provide notice of the injury to your employer as soon as possible, ideally within 14 days or, if that’s not possible, within 30 days. 

How much do you get for a work injury claim in New Jersey? 

In New Jersey, your workers’ compensation includes coverage of your necessary medical expenses in full and payments for a portion of your lost wages while you are disabled. The value of your claim will depend on several factors, like how long you are disabled, whether your disability is partial or total, and how much money you were earning before the injury. 
Generally, NJ employees receive 70% of their average weekly wage, as long as that figure fits within the minimum and maximum rate. The more extensive your injury and medical care and the more debilitating its effects on your life and ability to work, the greater the potential value of your claim. 
In any case, having a knowledgeable attorney on your side can put you on the path to receiving the maximum benefits available for your work injury. 

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