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Top 6 Deadliest Roads in New Jersey

New Jersey is known for having some of the deadliest roads in the entire country. That’s because the state has a large population, a lot of cars, and traffic congestion that can cause nightmares for many motorists. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter if a fatal car crash was caused by bumper-to-bumper traffic during rush hour,…Read More

Know Your Rights: Working Off the Clock

Hourly workers in New Jersey are protected by both NJ employment laws and federal employment laws. One of the main legal protections for workers is that they are supposed to be paid for their labor. This means that working off the clock is usually illegal. If you perform work for your employer, you must be…Read More

Sobriety Tests: What to Expect

New Jersey has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. That’s why it is imperative that anyone who has been accused of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) understand their rights and have a qualified DWI defense attorney on their side. In New Jersey, police officers typically administer…Read More

Wrongful Death Lawyers Edison, Jersey City and Throughout New Jersey

Mourning the loss of a loved one is always an upsetting and difficult time. When the death is untimely and caused by someone else’s negligence, these distressing feelings are magnified. If you suspect that a loved one died because of another person’s mistake, contact a wrongful death lawyer at Team Law immediately.

There is no substitute for experience in this area. It takes an attorney with the knowledge and skill to win the case, but also the compassion and understanding to support you throughout a sometimes lengthy, emotional process. The attorneys at Team Law have more than 60 years of experience helping the families of wrongful death victims maintain their lifestyle and achieve legal justice.

Compassionate Attorneys Help Families of Wrongful Death Victims in Orange, Plainfield and Surrounding NJ Towns

Unfortunately, accidental deaths are one of the leading fatality causes in the U.S., according to the National Safety Council. A fatal accident occurs every five minutes in this country. Based on the New Jersey Wrongful Death Act, an accidental death is considered a wrongful death when the fatality is due to another party’s negligence, misconduct or recklessness.

The New Jersey Wrongful Death Act exists to financially assist the heirs and dependents of the deceased. The victims’ families will typically file lawsuits based on financial loss, such as medical and funeral expenses. There are several other types of compensation the family can seek including:

  1. Pecuniary damages – If the wrongful death victim was also the family’s primary financial provider, this compensation will help the family adjust after a wrongful death occurs.
  2. Survival actions – These laws provide the family with financial compensation for emotional distress and suffering related to the wrongful death.
  3. Punitive damages – These suits seek to punish malicious acts by the party or parties at fault.

If your loved one died from a personal injury, it is possible they have suffered a wrongful death.  Do not let someone else’s negligence go unpunished. Contact a NJ wrongful death attorney immediately to be provided with the guidance you deserve in this difficult time. The group of renowned NJ personal injury lawyers at Team Law are skilled at identifying wrongful death cases and securing owed damages for the victim’s loved ones. We serve clients in Essex, Hudson and Union Counties, and throughout New Jersey. If you believe a loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence, the best course of action is contacting a wrongful death lawyer.

Why should I seek legal counsel if I suspect my loved one was a wrongful death victim?

We have worked with many clients who have lost someone very important to them. Through these experiences, we have developed a keen appreciation and respect for the strength it takes to move forward and seek justice on behalf of a loved one. The skilled NJ personal injury lawyers serve clients in Essex, Hudson and Union Counties, and throughout New Jersey. Contact Team Law for more about:

  • NJ personal injury and wrongful death laws and what kinds of claims you can file
  • Determining whether your loved one was a wrongful death victim and what party was responsible
  • Establishing a monetary value for your specific wrongful death claim
  • Help in preventing future wrongful deaths by the same negligent party
  • Seeking justice and peace of mind after your loved one’s wrongful death

If you believe your loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence, the best course of action is contacting a wrongful death lawyer at Team Law today.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today with a Skilled Wrongful Death Lawyer at Team Law

Proving that your loved one passed away due to someone else’s negligence can often be difficult. Therefore, it’s important to hire an experienced wrongful death lawyer for your case. Contact Team Law’s group of NJ personal injury lawyers at (732) 388-5454 to schedule your free consultation and learn how we will fight for your cause.

We have offices conveniently located in Clark, West New York, Edison, Newark, Orange, Jersey City, Plainfield, Irvington, Rahway, New Brunswick, Summit and Westfield.

Wrongful Death Lawyers Edison, Jersey City and Throughout New Jersey

Wrongful death cases are among the most tragic cases we handle. Despite the enormous loss suffered by members of the family who have lost a loved one, proving damages that are allowed in a court of law is expensive and technically demanding. Our firm has been handling wrongful death cases for over fifty years. To help our clients obtain the full measure of damages allowed by law in wrongful death cases, we obtain the fact witnesses, liability experts, and medical testimony that may be necessary. We also employ the services of an economist to help quantify and explain to a jury the economic value of lost services, such as guidance and advice, companionship, and household services. If you have lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence, call us for a compassionate consultation. There is no fee for your consultation.

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"I would absolutely recommend Roy Konray and his colleagues at Team Law. Roy took his time to get to know me and my medical malpractice case. In addition to being friendly and very easy to get along with, Roy did his homework. He is very knowledgeable about medical information and came to trial prepared to fight for my rights. He kept me informed throughout the process and was on my side every step of the way. I'm sincerely grateful to have been represented by him and even more grateful for the verdict he won for me." [read more]

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