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Groups fighting for nj paid sick leave

Working Families United for New Jersey is partnering with members of the state legislature in a campaign to make NJ the second state in the U.S. to enact a law giving paid sick leave to all workers. Currently, Newark and Jersey City have passed similar protections for its workers, but the hope is to get the rest of the state on board.
For many workers in different occupations, coming down with a sickness at the wrong time can be devastating to their finances. A few days off work, unpaid, may have a significant effect on areas of their lives. Most waiters/waitresses, some health care employees, retail workers and child care providers have no sick-leave protection.
This means that workers have to choose between going to work while sick and risk spreading the illness, or staying home and risking financial struggle or even the loss of a job. Faced with those options, many employees choose to come to work, which puts other employees and consumers at risk.
An example for NJ to follow has been set by Connecticut. Two years ago, Connecticut mandated sick time for all employees. While the measure was not popular among business owners initially, it is now favored by a majority of owners. By providing sick leave for their employees, Connecticut business owners say that they have happier, healthier and, most importantly, more productive employees.
In addition, it has been shown that it’s more expensive to force sick employees to come to work, as opposed to allowing them to stay home. A 2007 study conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management concluded that when employees go to work sick, it costs businesses $180 billion per year. In contrast, when employees are allowed to stay home, it costs employers $118 billion annually.
This is because employees who are allowed to stay home when sick have the option to get illnesses treated earlier in the process, before they escalate and becomes a more serious matter. In addition, allowing your sick employees to stay home essentially quarantines the illness and makes the work place safer for all parties.
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