Staying safe behind the wheel during new jersey winters: tips for safe driving

safety tips for driving in the winter Clark, NJ

Staying Safe During the Winter Months

Winter often brings with it cold weather, snow, and more difficult of road conditions. Get ready for winter weather driving in New Jersey with the following safe driving tips.

Winter Driving Tips for New Jersey Drivers

Winter weather can cause a motor vehicle accident to come out of nowhere. One minute you are driving along and the next, you hit a patch of ice that sends you flying. The best way to reduce your chances of a wintertime accident is with preparation. Consider these tips for safe driving:

  • Know when to stay home: Some weather conditions are just too dangerous for driving. Know when it makes sense to just stay at home.
  • Avoid less populated roads: You might want to avoid the traffic that comes with winter weather, but the busier roads are more likely to be plowed.
  • Take care when making turns: Turning on icy roads can send your wheels spinning. Additionally, large snow piles can reduce visibility. Always double-check that you have enough traction and that you can clearly see the way in which you are trying to turn.
  • Avoid distractions: Distractions can turn any driving condition into a dangerous one. But, when you combine them with already difficult weather, it can be very risky. Avoid any temptations to use your smartphone, change the radio, or complete any other distracting actions.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your trunk: One of the greatest worries of winter driving is getting stranded. Whether you have to wait for a tow truck or you find yourself stuck on a patch of ice, an emergency kit is a good idea to always have.

There are also actions that you can take when driving to reduce the severity of an accident. For example, if you begin to slide after hitting the brakes, take your foot off the brake, instead gently pump it and steer toward the way in which you are sliding. If it is your front wheels that are skidding, consider swapping your transmission to neutral and then once your vehicle is pointing in your intended direction, slowly hit the accelerator.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents are inevitable. It can be useful to be prepared and to know how to manage an accident, if you are involved in one.

  • Report the accident: Reporting the accident to the local city police. The police will send out an ambulance to offer any medical services that might be needed.
  • Notify the insurance company: You will also want to notify the insurance company of the accident.
  • Take photographs/gather evidence: Taking photographs of the scene of the accident may be useful to your case later. It may offer additional details to the insurance company or your accident lawyer.
  • Contact a car accident lawyer: Depending on the details of your case, a car accident lawyer may be necessary. If the insurance company is delaying or has denied coverage, then you may have options. If another driver was at fault, then they may be responsible for your costs.

Preparation is key to preventing and managing a winter weather vehicle accident. These tips can help you manage winter driving in New Jersey.

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