What can you do when errors happen during a c-section?

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While advances in modern medicine continue to occur, there are always risks associated with c-sections. These are serious and major surgical procedures that occur when a woman is unable to give birth vaginally for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the infant is in distress and an emergency c-section is required. On the other hand, c-sections are scheduled when it is believed that the woman would be unable to give birth vaginally. Just like any other surgical procedure, there are risks associated with c-sections. Things can go wrong. If an OB/GYN makes mistakes during the procedure, it is the woman and baby who will likely suffer as a result of those mistakes. When c-section injuries happen, victims often have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit due to what they have experienced.

What Is It?

A c-section is a procedure performed on pregnant women to safely and effectively remove the baby from the womb. Rather than pushing vaginally, an incision is made and the baby is carefully removed from the mother’s uterus. It is best to perform this procedure only when it is necessary to save the mother or child’s life.

What Are the Risks?

Just like any other surgical procedure, there are risks associated with the c-section. A woman could end up bleeding excessively. If the OB/GYN is not careful enough, he or she could potentially cause damage to the mother’s organs during the process of making the incision to remove the baby. And, infections can develop that would put the mother at risk. The risk associated with c-sections can negatively affect both the mother and the baby inside of her as both can end up with nerve damage and other serious health issues. 

Reasons for a C-Section

Some women need to have a c-section because the baby is in distress. The procedure is then performed in an attempt to help the baby and save his or her life. Aside from potential distress, a c-section may be required due to a woman’s health and medical conditions. Women with gestational diabetes and/or preeclampsia have a much greater risk of needing a c-section than those without these health issues. 

Botched Procedures

When a c-section is performed, whether it is an emergency procedure or a scheduled procedure, medical professionals must take a careful approach while providing the highest level of care possible. When mistakes are made due to distractions, lack of preparation, or other issues, a procedure is often botched, and that can put the mother and child at risk of suffering from serious, life-threatening injuries. The OB/GYN could unintentionally hit an organ while attempting to remove the baby, deprive the baby of oxygen during the procedure, or do something else that puts the mother and child at risk. When this happens, the mother may have a medical malpractice lawsuit on her hands.

Medical malpractice attorneys regularly help those who have sustained injuries or whose babies have sustained injuries due to a botched c-section procedure. These attorneys can file a lawsuit against the medical professionals and the hospital while working hard to get compensation for the individuals who were negatively impacted as a direct result of the c-section, such as the mother and her baby. 

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