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Few types of motor vehicle collisions are as catastrophic as large truck crashes. A head-on crash with an 18-wheeler, a backing-up accident with a massive construction vehicle, and a jack-knifing tractor-trailer are just a few examples of particularly destructive truck accidents. When your family is dealing with devastating injuries, you may feel helpless. One action you can take to secure your family’s future is to retain experienced New Jersey catastrophic truck accident lawyers. While you’re focused on physical rehabilitation, we’ll work to secure financial compensation for all of your losses. 

Team Law’s catastrophic truck accident attorneys in Clark, NJ, offer free consultations and respected legal services at no upfront cost. To have your case evaluated at no charge, contact us today. 

Why Are Truck Accidents So Serious?

Catastrophic truck accidents are described as such because of the life-altering injuries they cause. Injuries that are considered catastrophic have a very significant and long-term impact on the lives of the victims. Often, they require extensive medical care, and victims may suffer significant losses in function, mobility, sensation, and independence. 

Although collisions involving large trucks aren’t the only causes of catastrophic injuries, the size of the vehicles and the forces their operation creates are exactly the factors that make catastrophic truck accidents so disastrous. 

Even a full-sized pickup truck or utility van can weigh up to 10,000 pounds, more than twice the weight of the average large car and nearly four times the weight of the average small car as of 2024. For a large walk-in van or a bucket truck, upper weight limits can reach 19,500 pounds, as the U.S. Department of Energy reported. 

Furniture trucks, tow trucks, garbage trucks, high-profile semis, and medium semi-tractors can all weigh up to 33,000 pounds. Dump trucks, cement mixers, and fuel trucks can be even heavier. A fully loaded heavy tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. 

When a comparably large car is struck by a truck in motion weighing up to 18 times its weight—or a small car collides with a truck that can be more than 30 times its weight—the much smaller vehicle doesn’t stand a chance against the impact of the massive force produced by these vehicles in motion. 

Types of Catastrophic Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents 

New Jersey law characterizes injuries as catastrophic when they are truly life-changing in ways that are long-term and often affect your ability to earn a living. 

The New Jersey catastrophic truck accident lawyers at Team Law have decades of experience assisting victims of the most severe injuries, including: 

Although each of these injuries affects your life in different ways, the impact they can have on everything from your daily routine to your long-term goals is undeniable. After sustaining a catastrophic injury in a collision with a large truck, life may never be the same. 

Catastrophic Truck Accident Claims in New Jersey

Under New Jersey law, victims who suffer catastrophic injuries due to another party’s negligence may be entitled to financial compensation for all of their extensive damages. These damages may include the following. 

Medical and Rehabilitation Costs 

Because the injuries that arise out of catastrophic truck accidents are so severe, they often require a great deal of medical intervention. You might incur considerable medical bills, including: 

Just because an injury is catastrophic doesn’t necessarily mean that improvement isn’t possible. To have the best possible prognosis with a catastrophic injury, you may also need to go through a great deal of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and cutting-edge treatments. You may require mobility aids and other types of assistive devices to achieve the greatest possible level of independence. 

The costs of the medical care you need for the best physical recovery possible add up, and you shouldn’t be the one paying for them. Our catastrophic truck accident attorneys in Clark, NJ, can pursue maximum compensation from all potential defendants involved in your case. 

Lost Wages 

A catastrophic truck accident injury will keep you out of commission for a considerable amount of time. As you work toward the most complete rehabilitation possible or simply develop skills to adapt to your new normal, your ability to work is one of the many aspects of your life that may be disrupted. 

This loss of income couldn’t come at a worse time. By seeking compensation for the entirety of your lost wages, the New Jersey catastrophic truck accident lawyers at Team Law can help you be made financially whole for this loss, as well as others. 

Future Financial Costs 

Part of what makes an injury catastrophic is its potential to pose long-term effects. Our catastrophic truck accident attorneys in Clark, NJ, will pursue compensation for projected future damages, including both future medical expenses and the potentially lifelong loss of your earning capacity. 

Non-Economic Damages 

You know better than anyone that the effects of a catastrophic injury amount to so much more than a financial burden. Depending on the specific catastrophic injury you suffered, you may have lost your independence, your mobility, and your function in many other capacities. For many injured accident victims, there’s a sense of losing your freedom and control over your life. 

Your catastrophic truck accident attorney will seek compensation for non-economic damages, such as your pain and suffering and the decline in your quality of life, as well as economic damages. 

How Team Law Can Help 

The severity of your injuries and the legal complexities make your catastrophic truck accident claim a complicated legal matter. To get the full amount of compensation you deserve, you’re going to need skilled New Jersey catastrophic truck accident lawyers who are prepared to rise to the challenge and overcome all obstacles. 

Team Law’s approach to catastrophic injury claims is to thoroughly document all of your damages, past and future, to ensure your settlement or award covers all of your financial losses. We have a long history of achieving successful outcomes through extensive documentation and the credibility provided by consulting with expert witnesses in fields that range from medicine to economics and vocational rehabilitation and employment. 

At Team Law, our lawyers are skilled negotiators and experienced trial attorneys, so we’re prepared for all avenues that might be necessary for recovering maximum compensation for you. 

Why Choose Team Law as Your New Jersey Catastrophic Truck Accident Lawyers? 

For the skills and dedication to seek the most favorable results possible for your injury claim, turn to Team Law. 

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You need experienced, compassionate support now more than ever. As isolating as a severe injury can be, the guidance and reassurance an experienced lawyer provides can ensure you never feel alone going through the legal process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Catastrophic Truck Accident Claims in New Jersey

Who can be held liable for a catastrophic truck accident? 

In a catastrophic truck accident claim, you may be able to seek compensation from the following parties: 

-The truck driver
-The trucking company 
-The owner of the truck and/or trailer 
-A company responsible for maintaining or repairing the truck 
-A company or worker responsible for improperly loading the truck, leading to an accident 
-The manufacturer of any tractor, trailer, or truck parts or components that caused the accident due to a defect or malfunction 
-Any other negligent driver involved in the collision

Identifying all defendants in a commercial truck case is a complicated but necessary measure. Consulting an attorney early on to help you identify potential defendants and initiate claims against all such parties can help put your claim on the right path. 

How much is a catastrophic truck accident worth?

Generally, the value of personal injury claims depends upon the extent of the damages and the insurance coverage available, among other factors. In a catastrophic accident claim involving a commercial truck, both the extensive damages the victim suffered and the high level of insurance coverage available make for high-value settlements or awards. 
Only once our attorneys are familiar with the details of your unique situation can we provide personalized information about what to expect from your claim, including what a settlement or award might realistically look like. However, we have recovered payouts in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars for our past catastrophically injured clients. 

Do I need an attorney for a catastrophic truck accident injury claim? 

A catastrophic injury matter calls for highly skilled and experienced legal assistance. A few reasons professional representation matters include: 

-The numerous factors to consider in determining liability for your accident 
-The unique challenges of truck accident investigations 
-The complicated matters of insurance coverage, especially when multiple defendants are involved 
-The necessity of documenting future projected medical expenses and wage loss to ensure your settlement or award fully compensates you for all of your losses, not just the ones you have already encountered 
-Beyond anything else, you need your full focus to be on your health right now.

Whether you’re strenuously working toward the long road to recovery, exploring techniques and the use of assistive technology to increase your independence, or developing coping skills for accepting the losses you have suffered and moving forward, the last thing you need is the distraction of managing a legal claim. 

How much does it cost to hire an attorney for a catastrophic truck accident?

You’ll pay nothing upfront to have our experienced New Jersey catastrophic truck accident lawyers handle every aspect of your legal claim. 
Team Law handles all personal injury matters on a contingency basis. This means you only ever pay in attorneys’ fees a portion of the compensation we succeed in getting for you. Not only does this arrangement allow you to pursue the compensation you deserve risk-free, but it aligns our goals with yours. You can feel confident that we’re aggressively pursuing the maximum amount of compensation available to you. 

How long do I have to file a truck accident lawsuit in New Jersey? 

In New Jersey, you generally have two years to file an injury lawsuit against the negligent party. Certain exceptions to this rule may reduce or extend your time to file a claim. In any case, you shouldn’t wait anywhere near two years to consult an attorney. Getting a lawyer involved right away ensures you won’t miss critical legal deadlines and allows for a thorough investigation.

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