Proper building maintenance doesn’t stop at the door

Many people who have slipped and fallen on hard pavement experience serious injuries to their back, head and shoulders. More often than not, these falls could have been prevented had a certain building owner or superintendent been more careful to keep up safety standards. Unfortunately, these slip and fall accidents can cost victims a lot of money in medical bills, lost wages lost and significant pain and suffering.
The good news is that New Jersey law protects people from having to foot the bill for their own medical expenses stemming from preventable accidents. The laws in place also cover falls that have been caused by an unsafe building, a poorly maintained location and unsafe work environments.
Many of the honest people who have gotten injured on a building’s premises often wrongly believe that they don’t have a case because it happened outside of the building and not inside of it. This is actually not the case at all! In New Jersey, a building owner is required to maintain both the inside and outside of a building in order to ensure that it is a safe place for renters and visitors. In other words, if you got hurt on someone else’s property because the owner failed to maintain it properly, you may be able to collect financial damages for your injuries.
After Your Fall, Do the Following: Look around to see whether or not you fell because of hazardous surroundings, including uneven pavement, potholes, ice and snow, garbage piled up, spills that haven’t been cleaned up, poor lighting or lack of handrails on a staircase. If this was the case, you may have a Third Party lawsuit, as well. At Team Law, our attorneys are skilled and investigating these types of accidents and we will fight tirelessly to win maximum compensation for your injuries.
Why should you have to pay all those medical bills if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence? You shouldn’t! If your injuries occurred because of someone else’s mistake, the building owner should be paying those bills and compensating you for any lost wages and pain and suffering.
Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Team Law today for a free consultation about your slip and fall injury. We will explain your rights and fight for maximum compensation for your injuries.

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