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Sneakers and Work Boots Won’t Always Keep You From Falling

A common misconception held by many people, especially those who do physical labor, is that wearing proper footwear will prevent slip and falls. This is an understandable myth. Considering the workplace regulations that require workers to have OSHA-approved shoes, it’s understandable why workers people think that grippy shoes will immediately equate to never slipping or tripping while on the job. People who fell, tripped or slipped during work often are called klutzes because of it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Slipping and falling can happen for a variety of reasons – even if the person who fell is usually as graceful as a gazelle. Consider some of these common yet often overlooked workplace hazards, and how easily a regular person can get hurt from them.

  • If a bathroom floor was recently mopped and the floor was left wet without any warning to the people who were using the bathroom, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone slips and falls.
  • An unattended spill on a grocery store aisle could contain grease that may cause the grip on even the most careful worker’s shoes to become totally useless. Even if it doesn’t contain grease, the spill can still cause an accident that, in turn, can cause physical injuries.
  • Another common cause for tripping and falling is uneven, cracked pavement outside of stores. Joggers often find themselves tripping on grossly uneven pavement and taking a spill. In a case like this, will shoes make a difference?
  • During the winter, if you slip and fall on pavement or sidewalk that wasn’t cleared of ice and snow, the injuries can be extremely painful and lifelong.
  • Imagine what would happen if a construction worker was carrying a heavy load of materials through a room that has electrical wires strewn throughout it. If his shoe were to hook underneath a wire, he could easily trip and fall…bringing the heavy materials that he was carrying down with him!

It’s important not to underestimate how much damage a single slip and fall accident can incur. It’s not unheard of for broken bones, shifted spinal discs or even permanent damage to happen when someone falls the wrong way. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may end up racking up medical bills that could bankrupt you.

In order to avoid destroying your personal finances after a major slip and fall accident, you may need to hire a lawyer. In many cases, slip and fall accidents may entitle you to financial compensation. The only way that you will ever see any of that money is if you take the party that is responsible to court. If you’re curious to find out whether or not you’re entitled to compensation, call Team Law today.

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